Whole Self Jewelry

– photo by Melody

One-of-a-kind crystal creations for healing & wellness


Whole Self Jewelry is a creative collaboration between Reiki Master Brent Goodman, Jewelry Designer Jenifer Damrow, and exclusively displayed by Melody at All That Glitters in Rhinelander, WI.

A Collaborative Healing Pendant Project

“May each person guided to wear Whole Self Jewelry be blessed in the everlasting flow of abundance, good health, and happiness.”

  • Exquisite stones selected for their healing powers
  • Custom-wrapped in Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold
  • Blessed in ceremony with Holy Fire Reiki
  • Each pendant offers a unique message for the wearer
  • FREE glass-front display case included
– photo by Jennifer Damrow

The Whole Self Jewelry Story

Brent Goodman has been seeking out healing crystals and medicine stones based on their unique beauty, quality, and metaphysical properties.

Along the way, he discovered that certain stones are especially powerful amulets, guiding and supporting our Collective Ascension. Many even carry important messages for those who journey with Spirit.

Brent asks Source to help pick out the right stones and crystals to transform into healing pendants, collaborating with jewelry designer Jennifer Damrow, creating unique works of art to be worn for spiritual support, higher awareness, and a deeper connection to the Earth.

While tuning into the metaphysical message within each pendant, Brent cleanses and blesses each amulet in ceremony with Holy Fire Reiki, a form of higher-dimensional healing, and asks that the stone find the person who seeks its assistance.

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